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There is a mental health crisis in America, and you are on the frontlines.

Youth mental health continues to decline. 

You see it on your campuses and in your classrooms every day.

"When a mental health condition is present, the potential for a crisis is never far from mind.”

- National Alliance on Mental Health

This issue is at the center of the discussion on violence in schools, school safety and security, and crisis management, as it brings about the challenge that active threats to students and staff have evolved from external dangers, to the danger from within…the very students who walk the halls each day. Students who may be struggling or in distress.

Students and staff deserve to feel safe in schools.

Finally, a meaningful solution for healthier students, more secure campuses, optimal learning environments, and restored peace of mind.

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THE MOST Holistic offer on the market today

Prevention, preparation, protection, communication


Historic events, input from law enforcement, mental health experts, parents and educators, and independent research
Historic events, input from law enforcement, mental health experts, parents and educators, and independent research
But don’t just take our word for it.
Here’s what school safety and security experts have to say.
Blue Refuge's 3 Step Plan
Don't let budget challenges interfere with the safety of students and staff.

Ask us about varying funding options, from flexible financing terms,
phased project approaches to pilot programs.

We bring it all together so that you don't have to!

Faced with increasing violence, schools, communities and corporations are struggling to adapt their safety and security strategies as traditional emergency response plans are being redefined.

Stop managing multiple vendors or solutions. Let Blue Refuge be your single point of accountability to reach all of your safety and security goals.

We know you want a comprehensive solution that includes mental health programs, active threat response training, physical protection, and campus-wide alarming and communications technology in an active threat or active shooter event.  With the rapid increase in school gun violence, it is not surprising that more school systems are feeling vulnerable to a potential threat.  Students and staff deserve to feel safe inside their schools. 

We understand the stakes and we have the experience and the network in place to provide a meaningful solution to prevent violence in schools. 

First, we engage with school leadership and assess your campuses and current security plans. 

Next, we work together to create a comprehensive plan that includes 4 critical areas of safety, Prevention, Preparation, Safe Havens, and Communication. 

Then we execute your custom plan. 

Working with Blue Refuge means that you have a single source of accountability for all of your security solutions needs, as well as integration of programs and products for the most cost efficient and effective end result. But we can't help until you take the first step. 

Start building your plan today and get the peace of mind you, your staff, and yourstudents deserve.

An End-to-End Solution for Crisis Management and Response


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No school ever thought the worst would happen to them…until it did.

The stakes are too high. Are you prepared?

The cost of crisis prevention is always less than the cost of recovery. When you are proactive about safety you give everyone in the community peace of mind. 

Students can focus better in class and staff can feel confident about their leadership. Be proactive, preventative and prepared for any active threat situation with Blue Refuge.